Antony Scully in studio photo: Sarah Moolchan

Antony Scully in studio photo: Sarah Moolchan

Antony Scully


His years spent as an assistant interior designer, specialising in lighting, changed the way Antony approached photography.

He attended a photography course at The University of The West Indies, where he discovered light in a new way through the methods and teachings of Desmond Clarke, Dean Collins, Tony Corbell and Monte Zucker. He amassed an arsenal of as many video and print publishings from these gurus as he could find, and began his journey to becoming the go-to person for photographic lighting in his home, Trinidad and Tobago.

Antony's approach to making a photograph is deliberate and precise, manipulating light to capture as much of the final image on the sensor as possible. He is not one to "fix it in post".

His skill set has to be versatile to exist in a small market. He has photographed portraits of heads-of-state, corporate figures, brides, newborns, landscapes, products ranging from cosmetics to engineering equipment, gourmet food,  glamour and architecture, but his primary focus has always been on advertising portraiture and editorial work, which he captures with a unique perspective.

Encouraged by the success of his hosting photographic workshops and talks in the Caribbean with some of the profession's renowned educators, Antony started his "Language of Light" - photographic lighting workshop series in 2013 and has also taught photography at the University of the West Indies and School of Business & Computer Studies.

In October of 2017, Antony’s photo Laundromat #1 was featured in Rangefinder magazine when it won First Place in the 2 light category of the “Seeing the Light” international photography contest.

Scully's work can be seen in print publications and on billboards and has been exhibited in Trinidad & Tobago, New York and London.

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